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Make the shift to master your life. While personal growth and development have brought you this far, personal evolution will help you master the shifts you have made and bring into focus a new vision for a fulfilling life. We begin where you are and move forward from there. If you think this is for you, JOIN US!



Activate your awareness! Employ your senses! This is just the beginning of discovery and courage is required. Begin with yourself. Become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and the consequences of your words and deeds. Dive deep into your perceptions! Open your senses and experience your world differently. A willing heart, a beginner’s mind, and a large dose of curiosity will help you with this. You can do this on your own or in a supported way. This is offered here.



Shift your thoughts, words, and actions into a more deliberative, supportive, encouraging, and intentional energy… uplevel! There are many ways to do this and we’ll be unfolding them here.



Take action! Instigate a practice of self-inquiry. Begin questioning your beliefs and values and learn to think for yourself. Assess and move to one action a day that will support and bring closer to you the life of your dreams. We put this into practice here and help you break through your barriers and smash your limitations.



Balance is another level of mastery. Bring your energy to balance. When you do this anything is possible and everything is easy. We practice balance here.


Working with Jean is an absolute joy. She listens to you and then, in a very safe and easy way, gently introduces you to patterns of behaviour that you weren't previously aware of. She then holds a safe space so you can explore different and new ways of seeing a situation - giving a higher Continue Reading

Angela Bradshaw October 19, 2017

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