Inspiring Creativity
Innovating Vision
Inviting Community

We All Have to Start Somewhere

Just begin. Look at yourself with compassionate and loving eyes. Everyone you meet is another version of you in disguise. They carry gifts and messages that you will need to be alert to and receive so you can decode and encode them into your experience.

This is all you need to shift and evolve if you will only allow it. Will you begin? Open your eyes. Pay attention. Love yourself and everyone with whom you interact. We are all the same. We are all different. Where differences arise, sameness is present. Be love. Our story has just begun.

Physical and digital products created with you in mind.


Services allow you to stretch beyond your edges and challenge your perception and your perspective.

Programs serve you with a variety of ways to engage and participate. Designed to bring you out of who you are and ask you to show up and shine!

We are who we convince ourselves to be. Who are you being?

Plan Your Inspired Life

A 3-month undated planner designed to help you master your time, energy, and point of view. Inspire yourself to shift your focus to what will bring you to the fullest expression of who you are.

You can find it on Amazon wherever you are. Just type in hamilton-fford in the Amazon search bar.

A signed copy is available here.

3-month planner

When you need a shift...

in your perspective, there are books, workbooks, and decks to provide a structure, a framework, for you to use and discover more of who you are.

If you need a bit more, reach out.

You can find all the books on Amazon wherever you are, just type hamilton-fford in the Amazon search bar and the books will come up!

You are


You are such a powerful creator of thought, word, action, and deed. Be mindful, be deliberate, be well-intentioned, be loving and peaceful. 

Intention is the most powerful container of energy. It is the cornerstone of all thought, action, word, or deed. Regardless of the after-thought, after-word, after-action, or after-deed, whatever the intention was before the energy was released is the intention that was delivered. Make your intention love and kindness.

Be an agent of heart.

from Play.Create.Succeed. - How to Engage Open Source Connection to Create Magic and Find Treasure within YOU