*that everyone is a leader, even if they are not aware that they are.

*that recognition of the leaders we are is vital to reclaim our innate power
and foster a strong sense of response-ability.

*it is imperative that we support the growth and development of every
individual to enhance and expand our collective experience.


*to facilitate the creation of inspirational, motivational, powerful and
empowered leaders.

*because it gives me an opportunity to connect at a heart-centered
level with people all around the globe and contribute to their growth
and development.

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I guarantee your life will change if you are willing to commit to yourself and do the work. Are YOU ready?

I had been 'working on myself' for almost 5 years since I started my personal development journey in earnest. But I felt stuck and knew I needed help in shifting to the next level. During working with Jean Hamilton-Fford through her Map Your Life program, not only did I laugh and cry (a lot for me), but I also blasted away the many limiting beliefs that were keeping me playing small.

Jean has a magical way of helping you tap into the power of your soul, which already knows all about your unlimited potential. By guiding and holding the space for me to feel into my unlimited potential, as well as supporting me in planning for my future self, I now have a soulprint of my life and business. This is by far the best education and soul healing I’ve ever experienced in my more than half century.

I have to admit the commitment felt too much before I began, but by the end of each session I was eagerly looking forward to the next. Jean is the mentor I wish I had by my side through life. She is a wise sister crone goddess, a confidant and dear friend. I will be forever grateful our paths crossed in this lifetime.

Thank you so much Jean... I love you sister!

Theresa Fowler www.cronefashionistas.com October 25, 2017

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When you spend 2 hours every day in Jean's company, you tend to get to know who you are on a very deep level. My experience with Jean was life changing. I was able to break through many myths that I believed about myself. I moved house in a matter of days, after years of being stuck. I am freeing myself from old patterns, I've started writing and expressing myself. The process Jean uses in Mapping Your Life, is gentle, yet firm. She has an uncanny way of listening to all the things we try to hide, and then revealing them, along with the solutions! She is endlessly patient, encouraging and supportive. I found myself astonished, uncomfortable, crying and then laughing.
Not only have I released so many blocks I have made a life-long friend and mentor.
I am so grateful you came into my life, Jean. You are a treasure!

Eithne Warren November 1, 2017

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"EVERY DAY is a day of giving and receiving. It is a day of rejoicing and resting, a day of fueling or bodies and minds and sharing what we learn and who we are with others.

I FEEL whole, vital, vibrant, and loved. I feel valued, appreciated, and blissful.
I AM GRATEFUL for what I have, who I am and the opportunity to facilitate this for others as well. Watching and hearing others find their voices, their hearts and their souls is ecstatic work and I embrace it!"
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