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Plan Your Inspired Life, Live Your Inspired Plan: Create Your Life 3-Months at a Time

A comprehensive 3-month planner designed in sections that will keep you curious and asking questions to inspire your fulfillment and success.

Whether you purchase through the website or on Amazon, you will need to purchase to access the audio that will also give you the link to the FaceBook group.

Plan Your Inspired Life, Live Your Inspired Plan

'Embrace Your Fears. They are portals to discovery.' Gupta Deva

An assortment of programs (most of them group programs) that will help you challenge and stretch yourself to be the best you can be. From writing to internal query and from changing with ease to learning to finish whatever you start, these programs will help you answer most of what comes your way. There is no better time to start than right now!


Online course work

Group and 1:1 work

Workbooks, decks, online coaching

Self-help books, workbooks, and planners designed to give you food for thought and inspire your creativity and curiosity.


Self-help texts

Workbooks like the 'Six Weeks' books


Decks to inspire and delight you. These decks do not predict futures. Rather, they help you consider possibilities. They can evoke a new perspective and a SHIFT in your outlook.


Tarot decks

Lenormand decks

Oracle decks

You are

Other Items of Interest

I am creative and have created many items you may find of interest. There are books and decks to suit most anyone and I am not yet finished. I hope you enjoy what I offer.
Thank you for your interest.