Profile PictureI am extraordinarly-abled and unable to work, like ‘normal’ people do.

So, I do what I can, with what I have, when I am able in as many creative ways as possible.

One thing I can do:

I can hold space for you and with you.

I can:

* listen and reflect what I hear.
* hear and allow all that comes with that -the sensitivity, the empathy, the caring, the pain – to move through me and hold that space, that energy in love. When released, I know it will work its magic on anyone who receives it.
* cry with you and laugh with you and uplift you with the beauty I see within you. I can hold that space with you.
* connect with the Divine within and hold that sacred space gently, safe in the knowledge that all is and will be well.
* hold the fragile parts and strengthen them with a firm vision of re-framed surrender that transmutes into strong vulnerability and true beauty through grace.
* hold a vision of peace and joy and love for all and reaffirm that every day through my actions, words, and deeds.

What else?

I bring a lifetime of experience in a variety of fields: from entertainment to corporate, from public service to private practice, from individual to group work.

I bring a lifetime of working with animals and people of all ages.

I bring all the books I’ve read and written, the training I’ve attended, the seminars and workshops, the lectures, and the homework to this space.

I bring the wisdom of the ages, the stillness of the present, and the possibility of the future.

As a Result of What I Do…

  • people open to love
  • break through their deepest fears
  • heal their family dynamics
  • harness their limitless potential
  • design a success plan
  • serve their communities
  • and achieve their dreams!

If you are dissatisfied, frozen in your fears, confused and frustrated, locked in a life of regret and pain, and want to step through to manifesting the life of your dreams, the vocation of your life, and transform your life and the lives of all those you love and serve, I am looking for you.

If not you, who do you know that could benefit from this?

Let’s connect!

©2018 Shift-Evolution-Life and Jean Hamilton-Fford


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