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Ask Repeatedly and Listen

Ask repeatedly and listen. It’s easy to ask someone a question and take their answer as THE answer. However, if you continue to ask them for clarification, you will find THE answer exists much more deeply. For instance, many ask, ‘How are you?’ and the first answer, ‘Fine,’ or ‘I’m okay,’ is usually given. It’s a throwaway answer. It is the answer most people expect and therefore, no further questioning is given. Instead, perhaps change your question to, ‘What are you feeling today?’ and see the way it changes the answer. You still might get a ‘Fine,’ or ‘I’m okay,’ but have courage and ask, ‘What else?’ repeatedly. Then listen. Listen for THE answer.

What will your day bring your way? Be willing to care enough to ask for THE answer. Then listen. Listen with an open heart. Love is all around.

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