Be Willing to Listen to Your Intuition

Be willing to listen to your intuition and change direction. In the blink of an eye, you can be prompted to alter your course and change your trajectory. Do you listen? Do you know the difference between the voice in your head and your intuitive voice? Intuitively, you will not seek to harm yourself – physically, emotionally, financially – or damage your connection to Spirit. Egotistically, a lot of harm is through a skewed risk assessment that allows our ambition to override our sense of scale. For instance, you may schedule 5 things to do in one day… that’s pretty ambitious. This makes you over-tired, anxious, and clouds your thinking which puts you at great risk.

What will your day bring your way? Listen to your intuitive voice. Your intuitive voice only asks, ‘What would love do today?’ or ‘What will bring me joy?’ Breathe. Relax. Be grateful.

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