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Deadlines Help You Focus

Deadlines help you focus. Deadlines help you keep things in view so you can complete them. That is their purpose. You put yourself under pressure when you wait until the last minute and then have to rally. Deadlines aren’t set in stone. However, the more you practice last minute rallies, the more they will continue. Give yourself permission to adopt incremental progress and set milestones as you go. If you do this, you are always in a state of reward for meeting the milestones you set and the deadline is less pressured and more of a confirmation of abundance.

What will your day bring your way? Face whatever deadlines are looming with resolute determination. Then shift your behaviors for future deadlines and adopt a more incremental system of reward. Go ahead. There is no small or big milestone. It’s just a signpost of where you are in your achievement cycle and it is an opportunity to celebrate! 

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