Do You Have Selective Amnesia?

Do you have selective amnesia? When the past is the future and the future is the past, it is possible for you to choose amnesia. We do this because time seems to be out of sync and our brains can’t handle it in the moment so it files it away as something to be hidden until such time as we need to recall it… deja vu, anyone? In other words, what you remember may well have happened in the future and it is that you were able to see the future before it happened. The stranger that you meet for the first time may not be so strange after all. The little, out of the way cafe you have a coffee in may be somewhere you already know intimately because, in the future, you own it or work there or… What is in your future that you already see now?

What will your day bring your way? Pull your future towards you. Can you consciously see your life unfold, the people, places, and situations within it? There is nothing to fear. Sometimes quite small, common, everyday things are all that are needed to unlock your sight. Breathe. Relax. Be grateful. Unlock your future sight. Pull your future to you. 

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