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Feel Like a Fraud?

Feel like a fraud? It’s easy to do. When you have little belief in yourself or no direction, anything you undertake is on shifting sand and can feel tenuous. There are a couple of ways of looking at this.

  1. Know that all things are uncertain. Everything shifts and changes all the time. Feeling this way is not a fraudulent state, it is a state of awareness and acceptance for who you are at your core – a divine being of light in human form.
  2. Those who present themselves as firm in their beliefs, in who they are, in their fixed situations, they are fraudulently presenting themselves and are in denial about change.

What will your day bring your way? We are asked to present ourselves as an authority but this puts us in direct conflict with what is. Instead, accept that every thing changes every minute of every day. Present yourself as someone who is conscious, open, and receptive to life. There is no fraud in acknowledging that you are an agent of change and are being changed with every breath.

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