Future Sight

The future is birthed in the present.

Because of this, everything and everyone can be revealed today. Everything and everyone can be traced back to the present and, if you allow yourself to go there, you will find the roots of all your tomorrows today.

A Great Wheel

Like a great wheel, time and space turn in a dance that brings the past to the present and the present to the future. In every moment, your present and your future become your past as you create a new present and future. Your past is irrelevant. The only relevance it has is that it brings you to the present moment. That, and that alone is its purpose.

The Past Myth

The great myth of needing to understand, feel, think about, and immerse in your past to understand your present has no relevance today. If you didn’t learn it when it happened, you will not learn it now. If you didn’t understand it at the moment, you will not understand it now. If you didn’t feel it fully in that moment, you won’t be able to feel it now. No matter what.

The SnapshotToday Tomorrow

What you remember about your past is just a snapshot of the big picture. It is a distortion. You may have planted seeds that have yet to germinate and bloom. They aren’t your seeds. They will not be your blooms.

Everything and everyone belong to the big/ger picture. We are all vehicles of energy that, combined, amalgamate into multitudinous threads of lives and events beyond our comprehension.

Create what you are compelled to create. Share it. Release it. Let it go. Create more. You are contributing to the snapshot that, together, becomes a reel.

Unpick the Pieces

Every decision, thought, emotion, commission, and omission you make today is multiplied, amplified, distorted, rearranged, refurbished and bits and pieces explode into other tangents and avenues that have their time in the future. It is what is today that is what is tomorrow and ever after.

Within this context, it becomes quite easy to unpick what is offered as a future option and find the truth, the root, the very heart of it right now.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

Take the Time

What is, isn’t. What is to come, is. Take the Time. Let’s connect and I’ll share with you one way to embrace your future.

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