Going With the Flow…

Going with the flow does not absolve you from taking action or making a decision. It is an active process. You decide if you venture into deep water and move at a great pace or if you steer yourself closer to the shore where the movement is more gentle. You decide when you steer yourself to the bank where you can stand up and dry off for a time. It is easy to fool yourself into thinking that going with the flow is all about doing whatever comes next as it comes. But going with the flow is being actively and consciously aware and steering your course with mindful tenacity. It is far from passive. Stop using going with the flow as an excuse to rest on your laurels and do nothing. You will find yourself in the rapids of discontent, doubt, anxiety, and at the mercy of whatever is thrown at you. Steer yourself to take full advantage of going with the flow. 

What will your day bring your way? May you find yourself in the flow of love and may you support your best efforts and steer yourself into calm and gentle waters. 

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