Holistic Mentorship

A year long journey into self-discovery.

Harnessing Belief. Expanding Potential.

Encourage Continuous Learning

Curiosity leads to inquiry and inquiry leads to lifelong learning. Exploring and discovery are vital to progress. Challenging assumptions and beliefs opens portals to self-discovery and expands insight and opportunities.

Get Naked

Be willing to be open and honest with yourself first and vulnerable enough to share it. By stripping away the layers and revealing our authentic self, we free ourselves from self-imposed limitations so we can become self-reliant and focused. Expand your potential.

Pursue Self-Awareness and Ecology

Practicing self-awareness and ecology informs us more completely and allows us to make better decisions. Cultivate both and you will find your world shifts to support you. Trust and surrender become paramount to move forward.

Hone Your Creativity

Consider possibilities that come through your imagination and your need to problem-solve. Honing our creativity is a risk-taking adventure. It teaches us that failure and successa re the same and are illusory degrees of quality. Get creative. Have fun.

About our process


01 Nothing is ever as it appears so communication can be fraught. In our process, we use a variety of communication styles and methods to ferret out an understanding and assist forward motion.

02 Look for the sameness in the differences. When you approach this process, be respectful and gentle. Assumptions will be made and they will be broken. Be willing to consider another point of view.

03 Do the work. Communication takes effort. Bring your best self to the conversation. This is not a competition or a game. It is a way for you to explore yourself more deeply.

04 Let go of the past and be willing to be present. Breathe. Find a way to speak in active and present-tense. Examine your thoughts, your speech, and your written word.


01 For the first three months, you will check-in once every two weeks. You will be writing and journaling a lot and you will need to share your homework daily.

02 For months four-six, you will check in once a month and your projects will take center stage. You will share updates on your projects once a week.

03 For months seven-nine, you will check in once. Your projects/progress updates will be once a month.

04 For months ten-twelve, you will let me know if you need to connect. Updates on your projects/progress are unnecessary unless you require a check-in.

Ongoing Discovery

01 Every day brings opportunities for discovery. Don't waste it. When you become open to receiving, you will find untapped potential and your opportunities will abound.

02 This is the best way to reveal yourself to the world. Stand up. Stand out. Be willing. Stay curious. Do the work. Keep going. It's your turn.

Want to get started? Make an appointment and we'll chat.

Be Prepared

When we chat about this, I'll be asking you some questions to get an idea of whether you are ready to embark on your adventure of discovery or if you will need to do some preliminary work before we start.


Share with me what you want to achieve, personally and professionally.


Reveal your proposed timeline and what you are prepared to do and be to get where you want to go.


Be open and honest about your skills, your resources, and your innovation.