In the Driver’s Seat

What a fabulous day! I got up a bit late today. I was dreaming this morning about being a car that began a backwards descent down a steep hill and picked up speed and momentum as it went. I couldn’t stop it. The brakes didn’t work. All I could do is steer it in the direction of least damage and look for something I could crash into that would stop the vehicle. I didn’t find anything to crash into for that purpose but did crash through a garage and a brick building and into an industrial yard that allowed me to gradually come to a stop (it was on a slight incline). No injuries to anyone. Just a group of guys on the other end accepting my arrival as ‘normal’ and wondering what took me so long.

What does this dream tell me? I am not in control of my own momentum. I am somewhat in control of the general direction of my travel and will arrive at my destination in due time. I can break through barriers and walls without injury. I can go without attaching to anything or anyone and be okay. I can soften and breathe knowing that my way is clear or made clear and ‘normal.’ All is and always will be well.

What will your day bring your way? Everything is ‘normal.’ Your way is clear or made clear with ease. Barriers are meant to be crashed through and walls are meant to come down. You can soften and breathe! Release your need to control everything, including your momentum! Nothing and no one can stop you… even YOU! 

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