Living to Thrive – Foundations

The foundations in our lives are there to sustain us, adapt with us, and allow us to thrive.


The very heart of our foundations is built upon beliefs, values, thoughts, and ideas that we have experienced in our past. While those experiences inform us and keep us relatively safe, in order to thrive, a different trajectory is needed.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein

Foundationally, nature offers us everything if only we will open our eyes, our hearts, our minds, and our senses enough to become part of it.

Permaprinciples are derived from nature; the nature of the external world through agriculture and holistic practices, and the nature of the inner world through spirituality and well-being practices.

Living to Thrive is, foundationally, a marriage of it all. I will be looking at permaprinciples in permaculture practices; regard ethical considerations and community living, and in relation to happiness and well-being; and derive from them what I can apply to my everyday life.

My hope is that through this journey which I call #livingtothrive, I will discover a way, a program, a derivative of all of it, and learn what I need to know so Living to Thrive becomes my way of being.

#projecthummingbird is a derivative of this and also the essence of it as it is all about our personal ecology, our positional awareness of ourselves in our environment and our world.

I look forward to bringing more of this your way as I go. Perhaps together, we can change not only our individual place in the world but, by extension, the world as we know it.

I invite you to be a contributor, a participant, and be willing to consider what I discover and apply it where you can.

We’re just getting started. If you’d like to know more, have a question, or just want to connect, you can do so through my contact page or make an appointment on my calendar.

Until next time…

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