Living to Thrive

  • Living to Thrive – Foundations The foundations in our lives are there to sustain us, adapt with us, and allow us to thrive. The very heart of our foundations is built upon beliefs, values, thoughts, and ideas that we have experienced in our past. While those experiences inform us and keep us relatively safe, in order to thrive, a different trajectory ...

What does 'thriving' mean to you?

Most everyone has an idea of what 'thriving' looks like to them. Some believe it is more money, a better career, a feeling of happiness, a great relationship with a significant other. What is it to you?

We're going to be exploring 'thriving' in different ways.

One of those ways is looking at the permaculture principles to see what we can do and where we can apply them to ourselves and our world. Permaculture is a fairly holistic way of developing sustainable and adapatable environments.

Another of those ways is looking at the PERMA model of happiness. This model unpacks the PERMA acronym and explores ways to enhance your wellbeing. 

Putting these things together will yield crossover and highlight areas you might want to explore to enhance your life.