Maximize Your Focus

Maximizing your focus to use time and energy wisely is just common sense.

Focus on Your Strengths

When I went to school (many years ago), the pattern of learning went something like this: ‘Wow! You’re doing so well in English!’ and ‘Oh my! You need to work on your Math!’ It was followed by many nights and many hours of doing more exercises than needed in mathematics. The emphasis on what I did well seemed to dissipate like steam off a hot cup of coffee.

As a species, we have a tendency to remember the bad and to forget the good . I think anthropologists will tell you that we do this to survive. But times have changed! Hurrah!

Survival isn’t so much about avoiding predators or each other as it used to be. We have a bit of breathing room and can focus on our strengths to reinforce what we do well and build upon that to excellence. What we do not so well someone else will and this leads to opportunities for collaborative engagement.

Common Sense

Yes, I know, common sense isn’t so common. However, in areas where you excel, you will find that someone else doesn’t and it is common sense to think that what you have to offer will be valued. The same holds true for valuing what others do well and where they provide excellence.

When we work together, we all excel together. We all have fun together. We all survive together. That’s what I call Strengths Training.

Share the Shine

Share with someone where they shine!

It’s easy to do:

  • Tell them about their strengths.
  • Give them feedback on what they do well
  • Share with them how they make you feel when they are in their strength
  • Let them know you value them – not only for what they bring but for who they are.
  • Share the shine!

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

Take the Time

Engage your strengths! Train for collaboration! Take the Time! Let’s connect and I’ll share one way you can focus and engage your strengths from your core and shine!

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