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The 5B Club


Provide education through our programs, services, and events; empower our community to holistically expand their well-being; cultivate personal ecology and self-awareness; and connect with others to influence and ensure an enduring legacy that impacts generations.

Play a significant role in creating a world which ensures a resourcefully abundant quality of life (physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, and material) to, through and for every person.


Initiate a global movement to create powerful, sustainable, and adaptable lives.

·         Inspire creativity
·         Innovate vision
·         Invite community

Provide information and resources to help you shift from where you are and evolve to where you want to be with ease and grace, including matter that covers a wide range of modalities, methods, and ideas.

Initiate a shift of perspective, an evolution of thought, to encourage a gentle transformation and adaptation of lifestyle to thrive in a new paradigm.

Encourage participation through a variety of formats, including a private MeWe group for those who prefer that format and ‘lives’ to encourage connection and engagement.

Host monthly Zoom calls and quarterly ‘Connection and Conversation’ meetings in the UK to encourage engagement, connection, and networking.