Horizon Learning

Open your eyes! On your horizon is learning.

Be the Student

In every encounter, every conversation, you get the opportunity to be the student. Every time you say, ‘YES!’ to learning, you find the gift that waits to be discovered. Your horizon expands. Your confidence grows. Your experience surges and your courage triumphs!

Ask for Clarity

When we learn, we accept we will be in an uncomfortable place. We open ourselves to questioning and appraisal. We strip layers of understanding to find what lies beneath. We grapple with insecurity and fear until we surrender to the knowledge that the struggle is unnecessary for enlightenment. Continue to ask for clarity and peace will follow.

Manage Your Thoughts

Thoughts are visitors until we attach to them. When we attach to a thought, they become unwelcome lurkers. This is an opportunity to manage your thoughts. If they serve you, let them go. If they hurt you, let them go. Thoughts, like feelings, are meant to pass. They are meant to be transformed. They are meant to be utilized and managed into ideas that manifest.

Unlock the Power of Manifestation

We are, all of us, mind, body, and spirit. To unlock the power of manifestation, all parts of us need to be fully engaged and balanced.

What does it take to do this? It takes devotion and practice to sacred awareness.

  1. Engage your senses.
  2. Learn to breathe.
  3. Be quiet in all that you do.
  4. Fasten your passion to an inspired idea.
  5. Practice sacred awareness.
  6. Create!

Take it one step at a time and learn each step well. As you do, you will find the student lives within you.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

Take the Time

Learn to manifest! Create your world! Take the Time! Let’s connect and I’ll share one way you can get started.

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