Creative Options

Options, Creativity, and Sustainability

We all have options. What we do with them is what matters.

What Options Do You Have?

For every decision we make, there are options. You see, decision-making indicates that change is afoot, regardless of the decision made.

  • If you decide to do something differently, you will point your compass in the direction that will take you.
  • If you decide to do nothing differently, it is still a decision, and you will attempt to maintain the status quo.

I say ‘attempt’ because everything changes in every moment of every day. You have changed since you began reading this post. You asked yourself a question and had a thought about your response. Even one question will shift and change you. What else has changed? What options have you created?

Creativity Expands Our Options

When you apply creativity to your decision-making, it becomes expansive and more complete.

Within the boundaries of the criteria you will use, creativity helps you seek out and source the best possible outcomes and craft your decision based on what you find.

Decisions are rarely clear-cut. There will be some areas that overlap, collide, or collude. Creativity frees you from the need to color inside the lines and allows you scope to explore alternatives.

Go ahead… escape the box you have built, and creativity will find you. Let your options expand.

SustainabilityWithout Sustainability, Outcomes Fade

Inform your decisions with creative expansion and apply sustainability to as much of your decision as you can.

When we set sustainability as a criterion, we begin to build a lasting foundation, a legacy, from which others can take inspiration or begin their own adventures.

So much of our lives are spent in creating ways to ‘add to’ whatever is before us. We look for meaning and meaningful relationships. Routine and drudgery are too easy to accept.

When we look for sustainability, we are required to constantly innovate as change brings us additional opportunities for growth and development.

  • Be a teacher when and where you can.
  • Pass on what you know to anyone who is interested.
  • Plant seeds of curiosity, wonder, and acceptance.
  • Build flexibility into rigid systems.
  • Stretch what you think you know and be willing to entertain alternative perspectives.
Sustainability feeds and fuels generations. Where can you create sustainability in your life?

Within sustainability, you will find further options to decide on and more creativity waiting. Are you ready?

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

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