Future Goal

Portals to New Beginnings

Goals are Portals to New Beginnings

When we set a goal, we allow the future to pull us towards it, we start new beginnings, sometimes at breakneck speed.

  • What goals do you set?
  • Where will they lead?
  • When will you begin moving towards them?
  • Who will help you along the way?

When we set and accept a goal, we become childlike in taking our first steps towards a different future. Whatever we set on our horizon, teaches us and grows us as we go. When we arrive and achieve our goal, we begin again as a child, learning the lessons this goal brings to us and traversing the territory of the unknown and uncertain.

DoorOpen the Door

Go ahead… open the door. Take a good look around and settle your gaze on the goal before you.

It will always appear bigger than you imagined, more formidable, and insurmountable, at first.

As your gaze shifts to what is directly in front of you, you notice that all you need to is step confidently towards the direction of your dreams.

  • Trust that whatever comes your way is there to assist you as you go.
  • Look for the helpers along the way.
  • Serve those you can as you navigate your way forward.
Whatever is for you, will not pass you by. Rather, it will teach, inspire, and motivate your progress.

Break Through Your Fears

You have everything you need. Our fears and limitations are there to create us, not defeat us. We learn to master them, to anticipate with excitement their appearance because we know we can use them to fuel our advance as we move further forward.

Limitations are limitless and give us an alternate perspective, a compassion and gentle softening to our urgent need. They slow us down so we can appreciate what is before and around us. They keep us grounded and bring us kindness and love.

Fear is an opportunity to master our language, our thoughts, and words. Whether spoken or written, whether consciously or unconsciously thought, the language we use is what creates our reality. Think only of the goal ahead. Think only of the vision, the scope, and the purpose it brings. Think all these things with love.

Leave Your Baggage

Stop telling that worn out old story. Let go of whatever is weighing you down. Your baggage keeps you from moving forward with grace and ease.

Decide to put it aside and leave it behind. It does not serve you.

Today is a new day. Shift your focus to what lies ahead. You will need to be fully present in every moment to appreciate the journey along the way. There is no room for past regret, anger, or grief. There is only room for love, joy, and peace.

Be bigger than your past. Rise above what was and embrace what is and what is to become. Let the future unfold. Let your goal, your vision, and your purpose pull you forward.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

Take the Time

Stop for a moment and celebrate where you are! Look around you and appreciate all that you see! Move forward with confidence! Take the Time! Let’s connect.

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