Blogging Brilliant!


Blogging Brilliant!

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Want an opportunity to get writing? This is it!!! Come and get Blogging Brilliant!

Come and join us for a full month of daily writing. We’re focused on blog posts and I’ll be speaking live in the FaceBook group at 2:30pm (UK time) on Monday, July 1, to give you more information and answer questions.

The general outline for this course is:

Day 1-21: We’ll be writing a blog post every day (even Saturdays and Sundays) and, if you have a website or blog, you’ll need to share it there and then post the link in the group. Otherwise, you’ll post it directly in the group.

Day 22-31: We’ll still be writing every day and we’ll explore things like CTA (calls to action), cliffhangers (to get readers back for the next post), and questions you might want to ask that will make them pause for a moment and take even more away from your post.

We’ll be looking at ways to easily identify topics and themes, write a post in five minutes, where to find and how to modify images, batching, CTAs, cliffhangers… and much more. 

All you need to do is JOIN US! Get Blogging Brilliant!

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