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The E22 Tarot


The E22 Tarot: Twenty-six, 2.75×4.75 inch cards. This deck is a MAJORS-only deck and contains 4 bonus cards, too! Influenced by the Rider-Waite Tarot, this is a simple, straightforward deck that uses Keywords beginning with the letter “E.” These words give you a new perspective on an old methodology and invite you to shift into a more “E”mpowering reality.

Use these to augment a favorite Tarot or Oracle deck or on their own for a daily, weekly, monthly or even a yearly draw. Use them for your personal and professional life. These cards will speak to you in a unique way every time you ask a question.

There is no book to accompany this deck. You will find plenty of information online. Just remember to look at the Major Arcana for your information.

Please note: While we try to keep at least one of every deck in stock, this deck is a POD (print on demand) product and may take 4-6 weeks to reach you. We will stay in touch and you will be informed when it dispatches to you so you know it is on the way!

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