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#projecthummingbird – The Story

So what is the story behind #projecthummingbird, you ask?

Go ahead and take a peek at the bird sitting on the limb. He’s looking at you wondering what you see.

Do you see a beak, wings, tail and a perfectly-shaped bird body? Do you see feathers? Do you see color? Isn’t he beautiful?

This creature looks like a bird, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And he is AND so much more.

Just. Like. You.

Where Differences Arise, Sameness is Present

Hummingbirds can be traced back over 22 million years. They have diversified through nine clades (a lineage on one branch of the family tree) and depend on flower nectar to sustain their high metabolism and hovering flight. You see, when the bird takes to the air, the differences between hummingbirds and other birds become apparent.

Their iridescent color, fast movement, hovering ability, humming sound, and vision keep them remarkably placed to feed on flowers unique to their particular species. Over 100 species can be found in the same feeding region.

While they eat insects for nutrition, they feed on flower nectar for energy. Their high metabolism needs a good supply of nectar and when it isn’t available, they go into torpor and hibernate for a time.

For being so small, if they survive past fledging, some of them can live up to ten years. Some of them migrate over 3,900 miles every year.

You see, while hummingbirds are definitely birds, they have sustained themselves through adaptation and live to thrive!

What About You and Me?

Human beings, as a species, have diversified, but our adaptations have often been at the cost of other species without real consideration for the consequences.

#projecthummingbird spoke to me because I am adapting all the time.

We are ALL disabled in some capacity or other. Some of us have become disabled through injury, some through complicity, some through commission, some through omission, some through genetics, some through…

Let’s release the word ‘disabled’ and shift and evolve it into something more creatively resourceful. We are all differently abled at different times in our lives as we shift and evolve. We adapt. We modify. We transform.

This is where #projecthummingbird comes to life!

We can sustain and adapt our lives through creative resourcefulness, through a willingness to become aware of our personal ecology and our position within our environment.

We can accept and allow ourselves to step up and be the fullest expression of who we are regardless of our physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual… abilities.

We can diversify what we do and who we are through our activities and associations, and give ourselves permission to feed on the nectar of the flowers (tools and resources) that are given to us for nourishment to maintain our energy.

We Have to Start Somewhere

Just begin. Look at yourself with compassionate and loving eyes. Everyone you meet is another version of you in disguise. They carry gifts and messages that you will need to be alert to and receive so you can decode and encode them into your experience.

This is all you need to shift and evolve if you will only allow it. Will you begin? Open your eyes. Pay attention. Love yourself and everyone with whom you interact. We are all the same. We are all different. Where differences arise, sameness is present. Be love. Your story has just begun.

Questions? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you or contact us.

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