I Recommend...

Phenomenal women doing amazing things!

Joanne Sprott


We are indeed all One and we are literally stardust and gravity waves. Energy heals.

My dream is to help people meet their own souls, listen to its cosmic whisper and have a conversation about making life glittery and magical.

You can find Joanne at her website, Cosmic Whispers.

Eithne Warren


I’m a spiritual being doing my best in this physical body.

Inside HeartSpace is a safe space where we can unravel, and integrate the truths of our individual journeys. To open our hearts, allow life to unfold and our light to shine.

You can find Eithne at her website, Inside HeartSpace.

Elizabeth des Roches


An international speaker, experiential guide & energetic intuitive, I divine powerful, ancient healing modalities

Enriched by essential magic, I lead women towards exquisite ways of being to consciously create a Sacred Life Design.

You can find Elizabeth at her website, Elizabeth des Roches.

Carolien van den Akker


I believe every person has their own path. A path that, if followed, leads to happiness and joy. The great thing is: nobody needs to miss out on their destination. At any given moment, you can decide to follow your own path again. Peace of mind, clear choices and a sense of direction await.

You can find Carolien at her website, Carolien van den Akker.