Ripple in Timelessness

Radiate. Ripple.

Wash over me like a million raindrops on my skin. Share with me your wisdom, your insight, your strength, and your compassion.

What you do or do not do, is the same… a decision, an action. Whether commission or omission, your decisions, and actions filter through me and plant thought seeds that will germinate and bloom.

Demonstrate your strength of character.

Show me your wisdom as you witness the consequences of your choices. Let account-ability and response-ability wash over you and inform your future actions. Be not judge or jury, rather be an observer and a learner. You are everyone and they are you.

Sands of Time

You need me. I need you.

We are here to share with each other the depth and fullness of our selves and the seeds of insight, knowledge, and wisdom we have gained from our individual experiences.

We are here to love each other in the darkest of times, to uplift those who are defeated, to shine a light and show a brighter way forward, to be aware of our connection of heart.

Run toward your horizon.

Let the waves roar as they embrace you. Feel the future in every step you take. Gently and deliberately engage your senses and experience the world around you. That world is everything… it is people, places, things, flora, and fauna. Breathe the air! Drink the water! Eat what is provided! Fill yourself up!

When you become aware, you become life!

Freedom awaits.

Be mindful. Slow down. There is no need to rush. Approach the future with enthusiasm. Allow it to do its work with grace and ease. Your footsteps disappear with the sands of time. Your memory will linger in others. Leave the legacy of love as you are eternal.

Be mindful of the ripples you create. Welcome your horizon.

Take the Time.

Radiate from Your Heart. Let Your Soul Ripple in Timelessness. Take the Time! Let’s connect.

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