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Score a Trifecta!

Score a Trifecta! Show up! Be present! Follow through! Show up fully every day. 100% is required. Regardless of what is on your agenda, be ALL in! Be present in body, in mind, and in spirit. Feed and water yourself so your body has no distraction. Clear the decks in your mind so you can focus on what is occurring right now. Release all of what may have happened a minute, five minutes, an hour, five hours, a day, five days, a week, five weeks, a year… ago and everything associated with it (guilt, regret, sorrow, joy…) so your spirit is free to engage fully in this moment. Follow through on the decisions you make in this moment. Action them. Plan them in your calendar. Release them. Delay them. Free them. Whatever is appropriate in this moment. Just do it!

What will your day bring your way? Whatever it is, score a trifecta! Show up! Be present! Follow through! Engage fully in your life. It’s up to you to make a difference to you. Begin it. Be ALL in!

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