Sleep, Not Just Rest, is Vital to Your Well-being

Sleep, not just rest, is vital to your well-being. I’m being reminded that sleep is of utmost importance. If, for no other reason than to dream. If you find it difficult to sleep or to dream, I encourage you to first examine your diet. If you’re eating loads of sugar and/or carbohydrates, you will not sleep well. Instead, adopt a more fat and protein intensive diet and sleep will come much more easily. Second, I encourage you to laugh more. A good laugh before retiring will allow you to sleep more soundly and to facilitate the sleep you need to dream. Give yourself permission to remember your dreams before you close your eyes and see what you recall in the morning.

What will today bring your way? Invite what you want to see. Avoid inviting the ‘way’ you want to see what you want to see. Remember, hows and whys keep us from the magic of the what, when, who, and where. Focus on the latter and let everything unfold with elegance. Be surprised. Be loved. Be kind to yourself and others. Joy is sure to follow!

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