Stop and Reflect

Most people use certain days of the year to stop and reflect. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, or the new year, we tend to accumulate to speculate on the day. I encourage you to reflect every day. Whether you choose the beginning of the day to reflect on the day before or the end of the day to reflect on the day just gone, use a portion of your day for reflection. When you do, be the witness. There is no need to approach this as a punitive measure. Be the witness and just observe what has transpired. Then, do something more positive in the next moment to affect long-term outcomes. You’ve got this!!!

What will your day bring your way? Where can you stop for a moment and reflect on what has transpired? You have opportunities to witness, to grow, to improve, to laugh, to find the ridiculous in the seriousness of life. You have such a wealth of joy on your doorstep!!!

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