Stop and Search

Stop and Search! I know this sounds like a punitive measure foisted upon unsuspecting folks by authoritative people of our civilized world. But I want you to think of this as an opportunity for you to stop and search yourself. Stop what you’re doing and search for some tendril of possible positive outcome to what you’re doing. Stop what you’re thinking and search for what triggered the thought and what the consequence of the thought might be. Stop and search what you’re feeling and notice that you can change it to something more balanced and peaceful at a moment’s notice. Stop and search has new meaning when you hone your thoughts, feelings, actions, and senses to awaken your awareness of where you are and the options on your immediate horizon. Go ahead… stop and search!

What will your day bring your way? When you give yourself the power of the pause, to stop and search yourself, you give yourself the gift of choice. Go ahead… gift yourself.

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