Precision and Accuracy

Precision and efficiency are important when considering an option.

Method is One Option

Setting criteria and being methodical in your approach will help save time and energy.

Be precise with your criteria. Be efficient with your method. Make order your goal and structure your plan.

Imagination is Another Option

We think of imagination as a free method. It tends to be an explosion of thought, image, feeling, and it can be quite chaotic.

Yet, you can harness your imagination. Bring some method to it. Allow room and scope and still be precise with your criteria.

Give enough time for thought. Then, introduce some imagery and feeling, etc. When you do this, you honor all parts of the imagination process.

Approach this with order and structure in mind and you will harness your imagination to work for and through you.

Imagination Breeds Precision

We imagine before we create. When we begin to bring our imagination to life, we become students of precision.

  • When is too much detail too much?
  • What can we do differently to be more efficient with our time and energy?
  • Where can we adjust to accommodate new growth?

When we begin to imagine something new, we are compelled to become something new and adopt new methods and behaviors.

When we shift to a radical imagination that changes paradigms, we are compelled to become more expansive and adjust accordingly.


There is always room for adjustment as you go.

Life is nothing if not variable and change happens frequently.

Be willing to adjust. Be willing to resume an orderly, precise, efficient and methodical approach regardless of the option you choose. You’ll be glad you did.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

Take the Time

Imagine method! Opt for wholeness! Take the Time! Let’s connect and I’ll share one way you can harness all of who you are.

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