Joanne Sprott

Life has changed path and pace to where my stars are guiding me. Thanks to working with Jean on walking through my resistances and learning to listen, yet again, to heart over head and take care of self first, I am finally on a creative path that totally em-passionates me! Jean’s programs have homework, so you are duly warned, and she will gently and persistently challenge your resistance until you shift. The results, inner and outer, are amazing!

Fiona Clark

When I started working with Jean, I had little idea of what it would entail. My rebel soon showed its ugly head, my resistance was not going to give in at all! What I soon realized once I had delved deep inside was my resistance and rebel were truly holding me back from connecting and showing up as my authentic self.

The 6-week experience has taught me to bring myself back to my breath to the present moment as there is nothing more. Jean has so much wisdom to share, her kind presence allowed me to grow into me, to know the power I hold and to stand firmly in it.

If you interested and discovering and delving into you, please do not waste another moment questioning your self, talk to Jean now. You will not be the same person at the end of 6 weeks. Thank you, Jean, for the beautiful gift you have given me.

Theresa Fowler

I had been 'working on myself' for almost 5 years since I started my personal development journey in earnest. But I felt stuck and knew I needed help in shifting to the next level. During working with Jean Hamilton-Fford, not only did I laugh and cry (a lot for me), but I also blasted away the many limiting beliefs that were keeping me playing small.

Jean has a magical way of helping you tap into the power of your soul, which already knows all about your unlimited potential. By guiding and holding the space for me to feel into my unlimited potential, as well as supporting me in planning for my future self, I now have a soulprint of my life and business. This is by far the best education and soul healing I’ve ever experienced in my more than half-century.

I have to admit the commitment felt too much before I began, but by the end of each session, I was eagerly looking forward to the next. Jean is the mentor I wish I had by my side through life. She is a wise sister crone goddess, a confidant, and dear friend. I will be forever grateful our paths crossed in this lifetime.

Thank you so much Jean... I love you sister!

Angela Bradshaw

Working with Jean is an absolute joy. She listens to you and then, in a very safe and easy way, gently introduces you to patterns of behavior that you weren't previously aware of. She then holds a safe space so you can explore different and new ways of seeing a situation - giving a higher perspective and this is truly empowering. I can't recommend her highly enough. She has a rare gift!

I began my sessions with Jean feeling lost, directionless and desperate. Every session featured tears as she supported me in shedding layers of fear, doubt, and anguish. We explored new landscapes, shared wisdom old and new and gently led me forward or out of the darkness back toward the light.

My major challenge prior to working with Jean was lack of self -worth in all areas of my life.

The biggest change has been increased confidence, a calmer sense of peace, increased trust in myself and the world and a renewed sense of creativity.

If you want to work with Jean, know that she is a magical maven with Super Powers to unlock secrets you never knew you were hiding.

Coral Bell

Before working with Jean, I lacked clarity and focus. I tend to get a whole bunch of ideas and then get myself confused and end up doing nothing!

Working with Jean, I had accountability - so I needed to have worked on at least some of the suggestions/ideas/input that she gave me. I definitely focused on more manageable tasks. As well as enjoying things like 'everything is easy' being a favorite quote of hers, I enjoyed her sense of humor, insight, and honesty!

The most important thing about working with Jean is to take notes so you can go back over the conversation. She makes it clear that it is all up to the individual to take action! She provides the prompts, shares ideas and inspiration but the individual has to take the actions.

Quantum Leaps of Consciousness

Before I began with Jean, I had read hundreds of books, articles, blog posts & sat through endless webinars & online conferences. Always searching for the few tidbits I could glean & add to my growing knowledge base. It was a slow process. I persevered because I still believed that was the way I learned best – one tiny step at a time. Bit by bit …. I was steeped in the old paradigm of struggle & didn’t even realize it!

Working with Jean, I discovered she knew much of what I had learned and had already integrated it. Again & again, I’d ask a question which had been circling in my head for weeks &/or years. Instantly, she’d give me a complete answer along with a thought-provoking way to delve even deeper into the topic.

I committed to being fully present during our insightful meetings & devoting myself to my rigorous homework schedule. In the space of a few weeks, I shed layers of mental conditioning & limiting habits. I was constantly challenged & my efforts have been rewarded exponentially.

Now, my mind is clear of clutter & I’ve jettisoned my former business. I have happily created another centred upon my natural gifts, skills & abilities. I am gracefully evolving into a new paradigm leader, ready to be seen, share what I know & enjoy every moment of my journey.

If you are a rebel seeker & are drawn to quantum leaps of consciousness, I highly recommend working with Jean – she is the guide you’ve been searching for!

Eithne Warren

Oh, let me count the ways...

My inner life has changed immeasurably since I started 'working' with Jean, and that is what has freed my outer life to shake her tail feathers and take flight!

Jean has steered me through what should have been one of the most difficult and traumatic phases of my time on earth, but it became the most enlightening, alchemical and wonder-filled experience of love, release, and joy.

This was my second chance to plunge into the depths of my resistance, fear, critical self-speak and stubborn need to control.

I have learned to breathe myself through anything, to use more resourceful language, to write through my heart, to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and know, while being connected and immersed in the love that surrounds us all.

We have worked with mind, body, and soul - excavating, digging up, sharing, creating, moving forward, letting go, shaking it off, dropping, releasing, resting in stillness, laughing, becoming more than I could ever have imagined...

This woman, Jean, is inspiring, a catalyst for change, the "Great Nudger", won't let you get away with your old excuses, is tender, encouraging, a Dream Merchant, constant, energetic, determined, funny and, most of all, my friend.

If you really, truly want to shift, get rid of all that baggage, become part of a dynamic community and literally change your life; then contact Jean - you won't regret it!

Carolien van den Akker

Before I started working with Jean, I was struggling with issues of self-doubt and judgment. Somewhere along the road of my entrepreneurship, I had forgotten to count on my abilities and to trust all of my resources. Jean has taught me to focus on what it is I want to create and to always follow through on that impulse, no matter what my mind thinks of it. I now know and trust I always do have a solution or the next step at hand.

Another important focus of my six weeks of intensely working with Jean has been on the power of my words. Every word I use and think has an effect on what I do and what I create. Unpacking words that had a lot of energy attached to them, really helped me to clean out my inner world. Jean’s daily exercises helped me to let go of a great deal of resistance and inner conflict.

Jean is an honest, straightforward and caring mentor. She guides the way for others by enabling them to work on their limiting thought patterns and excuses. She is so well connected to the field that she immediately understands what the missing link or the obstacle is. Jean has helped me to regain my self-belief and I am deeply grateful for that.