Carolien van den Akker

In by JeanHF

Honest, Straightforward, and Caring
Before I started working with Jean, I was struggling with issues of self-doubt and judgment. Somewhere along the road of my entrepreneurship, I had forgotten to count on my abilities and to trust all of my resources. Jean has taught me to focus on what it is I want to create and to always follow through on that impulse, no matter what my mind thinks of it. I now know and trust I always do have a solution or the next step at hand.

Another important focus of my six weeks of intensely working with Jean has been on the power of my words. Every word I use and think has an effect on what I do and what I create. Unpacking words that had a lot of energy attached to them, really helped me to clean out my inner world. Jean’s daily exercises helped me to let go of a great deal of resistance and inner conflict.

Jean is an honest, straightforward and caring mentor. She guides the way for others by enabling them to work on their limiting thought patterns and excuses. She is so well connected to the field that she immediately understands what the missing link or the obstacle is. Jean has helped me to regain my self-belief and I am deeply grateful for that.