Eithne Warren

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A Catalyst for Change
Oh, let me count the ways...

My inner life has changed immeasurably since I started 'working' with Jean, and that is what has freed my outer life to shake her tail feathers and take flight!

Jean has steered me through what should have been one of the most difficult and traumatic phases of my time on earth, but it became the most enlightening, alchemical and wonder-filled experience of love, release, and joy.

This was my second chance to plunge into the depths of my resistance, fear, critical self-speak and stubborn need to control.

I have learned to breathe myself through anything, to use more resourceful language, to write through my heart, to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and know, while being connected and immersed in the love that surrounds us all.

We have worked with mind, body, and soul - excavating, digging up, sharing, creating, moving forward, letting go, shaking it off, dropping, releasing, resting in stillness, laughing, becoming more than I could ever have imagined...

This woman, Jean, is inspiring, a catalyst for change, the "Great Nudger", won't let you get away with your old excuses, is tender, encouraging, a Dream Merchant, constant, energetic, determined, funny and, most of all, my friend.

If you really, truly want to shift, get rid of all that baggage, become part of a dynamic community and literally change your life; then contact Jean - you won't regret it!