Quantum Leaps of Consciousness

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Before I began with Jean, I had read hundreds of books, articles, blog posts & sat through endless webinars & online conferences. Always searching for the few tidbits I could glean & add to my growing knowledge base. It was a slow process. I persevered because I still believed that was the way I learned best – one tiny step at a time. Bit by bit …. I was steeped in the old paradigm of struggle & didn’t even realize it!

Working with Jean, I discovered she knew much of what I had learned and had already integrated it. Again & again, I’d ask a question which had been circling in my head for weeks &/or years. Instantly, she’d give me a complete answer along with a thought-provoking way to delve even deeper into the topic.

I committed to being fully present during our insightful meetings & devoting myself to my rigorous homework schedule. In the space of a few weeks, I shed layers of mental conditioning & limiting habits. I was constantly challenged & my efforts have been rewarded exponentially.

Now, my mind is clear of clutter & I’ve jettisoned my former business. I have happily created another centred upon my natural gifts, skills & abilities. I am gracefully evolving into a new paradigm leader, ready to be seen, share what I know & enjoy every moment of my journey.

If you are a rebel seeker & are drawn to quantum leaps of consciousness, I highly recommend working with Jean – she is the guide you’ve been searching for!