Love …

Jean Hamilton-Fford

When you spend 2 hours every day in Jean’s company, you tend to get to know who you are on a very deep level. My experience with Jean was life changing. I was able to break through many myths that I believed about myself. I moved house in a matter of days, after years of being stuck. I am freeing myself from old patterns, I’ve started writing and expressing myself. The process Jean uses in Mapping Your Life, is gentle, yet firm. She has an uncanny way of listening to all the things we try to hide, and then revealing them, along with the solutions! She is endlessly patient, encouraging and supportive. I found myself astonished, uncomfortable, crying and then laughing.
Not only have I released so many blocks I have made a life-long friend and mentor.
I am so grateful you came into my life, Jean. You are a treasure!

Eithne Warren Map Your Life November 1, 2017