Theresa Fowler

Tap into the power of your soul...
I had been 'working on myself' for almost 5 years since I started my personal development journey in earnest. But I felt stuck and knew I needed help in shifting to the next level. During working with Jean Hamilton-Fford, not only did I laugh and cry (a lot for me), but I also blasted away the many limiting beliefs that were keeping me playing small.

Jean has a magical way of helping you tap into the power of your soul, which already knows all about your unlimited potential. By guiding and holding the space for me to feel into my unlimited potential, as well as supporting me in planning for my future self, I now have a soulprint of my life and business. This is by far the best education and soul healing I’ve ever experienced in my more than half-century.

I have to admit the commitment felt too much before I began, but by the end of each session, I was eagerly looking forward to the next. Jean is the mentor I wish I had by my side through life. She is a wise sister crone goddess, a confidant, and dear friend. I will be forever grateful our paths crossed in this lifetime.

Thank you so much Jean... I love you sister!