The 5B Club


The 5B Club is your gateway into a diverse group of individuals who advocate for a balanced and peaceful world.

10 Great Reasons to be a Member

1. Connection: You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results.

2. Contribution: Contribute your wisdom and experience through the MeWe group. The more you contribute, the more you will learn and the broader your impact and influence will be.

3. Information: Informational resources are generously shared. Newsletters will be sent as needed to keep members informed of upcoming events, changes, and opportunities.

4. Networking: You have opportunities to network, build your contacts, share ideas, best practices and solutions, find opportunities, etc. Networking events are twice a month Zoom calls.

5. Discounts on Merchandise: You receive reduced rates on merchandise you will find in the shop.

6. Leadership: You are provided opportunities to learn and practice leadership that you may need for self-promotion. When our group grows to fifty members, opportunities will be available when we begin to set a more formal structure in place.

7. Recognition: You can be recognized and can recognize other members for their achievements.

8. Empowerment: You are empowered to get involved in your personal development through engagement and participation.

9. Community: You are part of a global community! We encourage members to share with others about what we do to grow our global presence even more.

10. Education: You educate yourself and others through all of the above. When and where courses are opened, you will have access to them at a reduced rate.