The Difference Between Existing and Living

The difference between existing and living is as stark as it is diffuse. Are you existing or living? Can you tell the difference? Existing is going about your day doing the same thing over and over again… building a routine that becomes a rut. Is this where you are at? Living is curiosity and is identified by questioning and reaching, taking risks and developing yourself and your resources. Is this where you are at?

Existing tends to be humdrum and relatively boring. Living tends to be eager anticipation and adventure. Where are you in this mix? I ask because you may find yourself in both places at different times through your day. You may find that some weeks are devoted to existing and other weeks are devoted to living. The crossover is a muddy, messy place. Both existing and living can be filled with joy. Find the joy wherever you are.

What will your day bring your way? Live it! Let the joy find you!

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