The Framework

Have you noticed how most everything and everyone in your life is there to define you, limit you, and box you into a framework? Give it a rest… be grateful for everything! Let go of the qualifiers and suspend your need to condition everything. Qualifiers throw us into judgment because they demand we compare and keep us in duality. Conditions are those thing we place on anything to either make something impossible or to limit what is possible. Conditions make certain we are in judgment, too.

What will your day bring your way? Allow everything to come to you and take the time you need to transform it all into usefulness. Look at each arrival on its merits and ask, ‘What is it here to teach me?’ or, ‘In what way can I utilize it to make it as efficacious as possible?’ Take whatever answer comes and allow it room to be. If it serves you, keep it. If it doesn’t, allow it to go on its way with love.

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