Gift in Shift

“take a break. there is no need to rush… breathe. feel the energy within you… relax. listen to your wisdom… be grateful.”

Interruptions are Gifts

I used to believe that interruptions were about someone else putting their needs before mine and demanding my attention when I was focused on something else.

Now, I see interruptions as gifts.

Interruptions are shifts, and they remind me that every moment is sacred. When we look beyond the ‘break’ in our focus, the breach of our time, what we can see are opportunities to make a difference.

All Things are Connected

Within the seed of each moment, all things are connected.

There is a reason for whatever transpires, and we may never know what that reason is. We can give the gift of our time and attention to the interruption to see what opportunities there are, what gifts wait for us. Then, we can return to our task refreshed and able to see everything with new eyes and a full heart.

Inspire Your View

Honor the moment and inspire your view by relaxing into it. When you remain in a relaxed state, you are assured of clarity and balance is easy to achieve.

Breathe through the energy of the moment. Allow yourself to see through the chaotic energy that an interruption brings and look for the beauty and wonder of the source. When we magnify the best of others, we bring out the best in ourselves. Inspiration lives behind the chaos. Beauty lives in the peace of every encounter.

Adapt and Connect

Take a breath. Go ahead… I’ll be here.

Now, slowly release it.

Conscious breath allows you to connect and adapt the interruption by infusing a bit of love.

Interrupt the interruption. Give yourself permission to consciously, audibly, and physically take a breath. It will change the occasion and shift it into a more relaxed and resourceful state.

Steps to Grace

  • Take a breath. Release it.
  • Shift your focus and attention to the interruption at hand.
  • Look for the gift.
  • Inspire your view.
  • Adapt and connect.
  • Breathe and relax.
  • Respond with love.

All things are connected, and within that, interruptions do not exist, they are perfectly positioned shifts and gifts in my day.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

Take the Time

Interrupt yourself! You are the gift! Take the Time! Let’s connect and I’ll share one way you can begin.

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