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Tired or Buried Under Your Expectations

Are you tired or just buried under your expectations? We get ourselves in a muddle and mired under the enormity of what we have on our agendas and then we decide we’re too tired to even make a start. You know, that moving through treacle and molasses idea that pulls us slowly out of our enthusiasm and into a spiral of fatigue. If you’re truly tired, take a nap. Otherwise, there are ways to re-energize yourself and your vision.

What will your day bring your way? When you are in the midst of the muddle, give yourself permission to get everything out of your head and onto paper. Just write. It will bring you a bit of clarity. Once you’ve emptied your brain onto the page, pull out the one thing, just one, that you want to work on and get busy. You’ll find the rest will fall into place… just like getting your ducks in a row… they’ll follow on behind quite nicely.

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