Waiting on Reality

What are you waiting for?

The Reality You Seek Needs Your Active Presence

Indecision breeds procrastination. Procrastination is an excuse we use to stay small and limited.

Participate fully in creating your reality and bringing your dreams to life.

Don’t worry… no one ever knows what they think they need when they begin. It’s a matter of taking one step after another, regardless of where they lead. Use whatever comes as part of a steep learning curve until you are competent, confident, and clear in your vision and your message.

What is keeping you from your dreams?

Do you think you:

  • Don’t know enough
  • Don’t have enough
  • Aren’t good enough
  • Aren’t credible enough
  • Aren’t attractive enough
  • Don’t do things like everyone else
  • Don’t sound like everyone else
  • Don’t fit in
  • Are too nervous to begin
  • Don’t know how to begin
  • Don’t know your big ‘why’
  • Can’t do technology
  • Aren’t photogenic
  • Aren’t articulate
  • Are too busy making lists and excuses to ever make sense of anything!

Go Back to SchoolSchool

Your life is all the school you will ever need.

Immerse yourself in your life and get out of everyone else’s business. Go back to school yourself in what you know, what you need, and what you want.

If you can speak any intelligible words, walk, crawl, feed yourself, dress, change a lightbulb, turn on a television or a computer… you are already schooled in practicing to perfect your purpose.

What are you waiting for? You know that everything begins in uncertainty and has a degree of discomfort associated with it. You know that if you really want to master or accomplish something, you need to actively participate in practicing the steps you need to take to refine your skills until you become proficient at it.

If you are feeling blocked or stuck, you know all you need do is to begin again. Change your perspective. Take a break. Then, begin again. Begin refreshed and renewed and reroute your perfect expectations.

Just Begin. Start.

One word. One image. One piece of the puzzle. One person. One connection. One call. One email. One moment of crazy courage. One moment of stillness. One moment of audacity. Step up. Step forward. Step through. Step into the reality of your dreams!

Are you ready?

Take the Time

Be audacious! Make the call! Take the Time! Let’s connect.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day.

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