Weaving History

The history of the past is there to give us foundations on which to build.

Just the Facts

Over the years, however, I have come to question the history on record and even my own history as I have learned that the moment something happens, it is changed, and it changes. To capture history is nearly impossible. The best we can do is to capture the rudiments of facts and the outcomes in a single snapshot as it is impossible to comprehend the millions of threads spun from one act, one event, or one decision.

In Alignment

I have learned to let go of the past and to be in alignment in the present to make the very best choice I can in any given moment. I have learned to trust that all things will and always be well in all ways.

History is Now

Every moment becomes a new history.

You are creating your history right now!

With every breath you take, every thought you think, every word you say or write, every deed or act or omit or commit, you are making history.

What kind of history do you want to create?

The Web

We cannot be the weavers of the web because we are the web. We are only one strand in the multitudes that are bound together by moments in time and space. Together, we make a vast and compound record of events.

We do not make decisions in isolation. Every time we choose anything, we affect unseen chains of people and events in unforeseen ways. Size doesn’t matter. Small choices sometimes make the biggest impact.

Looming Choices

Every day is filled with looming choices. While that might sound rather daunting, choose anyway. The part you play in this fabric of space and time, in the lives of those you know and those you have yet to meet, is necessary. Make the choice.

Choose wisely. Choose to make beautiful history. Choose to love every moment in time. If you can achieve this, you will lay the foundation of a history that will build a brighter tomorrow.

Loving my strengths and learning more about them every day!

Take the Time

Weave a history to love! Stand out in time and space! Take the Time! Let’s connect and I’ll share one way you can begin.

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