What is Holding You Back?

What is holding you back? I ask so you will examine it more closely. Is it something that has always been there just waiting for your attention, your forensic discernment, your objective appraisal or your loving compassion? Is it something you have created and put firmly in front of you to keep you trapped in your comfort zone? Is it something you have allowed someone to imprison and disempower you with so you can excuse yourself from life? Identify it. Love it. Let it go.

What will your day bring your way? Love yourself enough to remove whatever is holding you back. Whether thoughts, habits, beliefs, routines, people, places, situations, things… gently and lovingly reclaim your power from them. Let them go with love. Then screw up your courage to face your fears of the unfamiliar. Begin anew. Begin afresh. Just begin… and breathe!

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