When Inspiration and Motivation Fails…

When inspiration and motivation fails you, what do you do? I focus on something else. I stop trying so hard to be inspired and motivated and, instead, I relax into allowing. When you try to impress, you are overdoing. There is no one you need to impress. Be you. When you try to prove yourself, you are overdoing. There is no need to prove yourself. When you convict yourself for not doing or being enough, you are overdoing. What is enough? It is what you decide it to be. When all else fails, I take a nap and dream a little dream. Life is, after all, a dream.

What will your day bring your way? Whatever comes your way today, it is enough for the moment. Everything is perfect, in the moment. You are absolutely phenomenally stellar and shining bright in the moment. If not, you can always take a nap… momentarily. Have a beautiful day!

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