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When Push Comes to Shove

When push comes to shove. Do you let things go that far? Most all of us do. It’s a rather vicious thing, you know. We put ourselves under pressure through distraction, disruption, and procrastination. We feel the urgency to complete things at the last minute knowing, full well, that they will be less than our best. What is so compelling about all of this?

What will your day bring your way? We all need to feel as if we have accomplished something. Part of this is to meet a deadline and to accomplish despite all odds. Isn’t that rather unnecessary? You know, the part about despite all odds. Frank Sinatra’s, ‘I Did It My Way,’ is playing in my head right now. Relax. Do it your way and do it with ease and grace. Give yourself room to breathe. Be flexible. Stop the voices of judgment and expectation and replace them with enthusiasm and joy! Turn achievement into a playful dance of delight!

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