Where do You Deny Your Success?

Where do you deny your success? Do you put things off until you feel the burden of guilt and betrayal to see, do, or be weigh heavily on your shoulders and stymie your progress? Do you submit to unproductive habits that swallow up the best time of your day to see, do, and be or are you productive and profitable? Do you allow distractions to pull you away from what you need to see, do, or be to stay on task and stay the course? If so, it’s time to regain your sense of purpose, re-evaluate your habits, realign with your vision, and recognize the supreme divinity within it all.

What will your day bring your way? Love yourself enough to let love win and support yourself enough to surrender to self-discipline. There is no need for guilt or remorse. That is a distraction in itself. Instead, take a breath and change your course. Come back to the path of your greatest be-ing. Not only are you worth it… but we need you to regain your focus and your drive. Allow it. Be it. Claim it. Love it!

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